Frequently asked questions

How can I format my table in Microsoft Word so that it fits nicely?
Follow these steps to format the table:  
1) Click anywhere on the table in the word document  
2) Click "Layout" on the top menu  
3) Click "AutoFit", its located in the middle of the menu  
4) Select "AutoFit Window"
I paid, but do not see my product, where is it?
After you purchase your package you will receive an email with the program within 24 hours.
Can I save the program multiple times or for more than one individual?
Yes!  You can use the program for as many individuals as you need.

is a tutorial for how to save the file for separate individuals.
Is my data secure?
Yes, your data is tied to a specific System ID that is restricted to your computer.
With Copy Paste Report, you will never need to worry about your privacy.
What type of computer or software do I need to run Copy Paste Report?
Copy Paste Report is designed for those who have Microsoft Windows installed on their computer. Microsoft Excel is additionally required.

**Mac Users
Our program is available for Mac users using the following information:
Two additional programs need to be purchased in order for make Copy Paste Report work on an Apple computer.  
1). There is a program called Parallels for Mac, which allows you to run Windows on your Mac, you can purchase it for a one-time or monthly fee dependent on your preference.
2). You also have must purchase Windows, which is a 1-time fee.
Do you provide refunds?
We do not provide refunds as the spreadsheet that we will send you will be active for the duration of the subscription that you selected.

If you are having technical difficulties please contact us at and we will do our best to help you.